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8/18/2004 Sorry I haven't updated in AGES... Wow, it's been a whole year. The site's been moved to a new hosting service and I posted everyone's college acceptances. Congrats to all of you on graduation and getting into college! Best of luck next year!

Also, some pictures from Reunion 2004 are up and a short blog from me about the reunion below.

Sunday, July 11, 2004
       SSP Reunion was awesome! Going back to HVS brought back so many wonderful memories from SSP. Victor is the best. Peter, all the other other SSP '03-ers that came, and the alums and students that I met made the reunion so much fun. The fact that the alumni softball team totally schooled the '04 team was of course, an added bonus. James Randi gave another awesome guest lecture about debunking pseudoscience. I enjoyed it immensely even though I'd heard basically the same lecture a year before. Later, we headed out to the astrograph dome to take a look, and just hearing the WWV again made my evening. The Ojai night sky is absolutely spectacular. It was clear and dark, and the stars were beautiful. Every time I see the Milky Way, I still get a sense of awe and wonder at its awesomeness. I wish we could see stars like that at home. Of course, we had to revive the old bridge group from last year, even though we were missing April and Kyle. We played three-man bridge for a while, which worked somewhat well, but managed to recruit a fourth later on, which of course was infinitely better (we also played this morning before we left). Our final item for the night was Saturday night movies in Zalk. We watched Memento and I fell asleep partway through October Sky. We just spread out the sleeping bags on the floor in Zalk and slept as the movies were running. SSP reunion was almost like an escape from the world... away from work, responsibilities, routine. SSP is its own self-contained community and I'm glad I got to spend a day in that little world of its own. Thanks to all the people that make SSP possible, the HVS people, the alums, the students, the instructors, and of course... the amazing and awesome TA's . But now... back to work!
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