The Splendifirous SSP 2003 Students and Team Awards

Team 1: "Putting the FUN in Dysfunctional"
April Frieda
Janaki Kibe
Eric Astor

Team 7: The Model UN Award
Melissa Horowitz
Christina Li
Ugur Sonmez
Team 2: The “Beauty & the Beasts” Award
Alex Early
Yufei Liu
Rosie Warren
Team 8: “Which is Worse: Snoring, Giggling...or Both?”
Ahmet Kizilay
Simon Kwak
Sara Thoi
Team 3: Extreme Diligence in Measuring
Alan Duran
Jaret Lee
Derya Meral
Team 9: The Honorary Spice Girls Award
(Scary, Sporty & Posh)
Kyle Crawford
Pawan Deedwaniya
Ana Popovska
Team 4: Never the Sum of Their Parts...
But Two Outta Three Ain't Bad
Michelle Dietz
Nathan Major
Jeff Taylor
Team 10: There's Always Room For a Sidecar
Roza Anbari
Paul Mandel
Carmen Patrascu
Team 5: “Would You Like Some Cheese
With That Whine?”
Anne Narayan
Huong Thai
Bob Zhao
Team 11: The “I'm Too Sexy For This Program” Award
Kristen-Elise Brooks
Peter Combs
Yigit Dula
Team 6: Smurf Award (Smurfette, Clumsy & Jokey)
Laura Grupp
Hyung-Joo Park
Hossam Banaja

The Stupendous Staff and The Terrible (Terrific) TA's!
The Fabulous Fu! Dr. Tracy Furutani
Mr. Liberal Arts College and Major in Physics: Dr. Michael Faison
The Merciless Madison Compton (aka Mictor, Madi, Madosin)
The Veracious, Vigorous, Vital (I can't think of a good 'V' adjective!) Victor Chen Tsai (aka Vitcor, Rotciv, Vadison, Really Really Smart Guy!)
The Daring Dana Ionita (aka Faces the Poison Oaks on Sunday Morning Hikes and Too Cool Hip Hop Dancer)
The Dapper Dan LaBrier (aka Nearly 30 and Still in School or IDL Master)
The Jaunty Jackie Smith (aka Get Your Assteroid Back in Your Room!)